Carman Alfonsi-Owner

Precision Billiards and More moves all pool tables including:
Non-slate bumper, 1 piece slate, 3 piece slate, 7', 8’, 9’, 10’, antique, 4 piece, 5 piece and 12' snooker. Precision
Billiards and More treats every pool table as if it were our own. All tables are moved in a covered vehicle. Moving
across the state? Precision Billiards and More offers a very competitive mileage rate, providing service to the Michigan, Ohio, New York, and Indiana areas.

Precision Billiards and More uses a fully enclosed trailer to protect your pool table during the move. It keeps it safe from weather and road elements while transporting it to the location of your choice.

Are you moving out of state? Contact us 810.499.7274. Precision Billiards and More crates the slate and packages the rest of your table. We customize every set of crates to your slate dimensions. We build the crate on site or at our shop. Our crates are built with 2x6 and 2x4 for strength. We recommend saving them so they can be used again for any future moves if needed.

Precision Billiards and More sets-up your table in the room you specify. We do recommended a spot we call "best for play". This spot gives you the most room to play around your pool table. We use bees wax 95% of the time to fill your seams. We use all of the most up to date tools to set-up the tables we work on.

For whatever the reason, Precision Billiards and More can dismantle your pool table. We box up your rails, packets, hardware, legs and cloth. When you are ready we can re-assemble it for you.

Need new cloth? Precision Billiards and More carries championship cloth highly recommended for all standard recovers. If you want something a little faster, try Pro-form or Simonis cloth. Simonis is used in almost all professional tournaments and highly recommended for advanced players. All recovering is done onsite in your home or place of business. Recovering also includes a re-waxing of the slate and re-leveling through the legs and slates.

There is a simple way to tell if your cushions need replacement. Press on the point of your cushion. It needs to be firm yet have some give to it. If they are really soft or hard as a board they probably need to be replaced. Precision Billiards and More uses a 90% gum rubber cushion for replacements. Higher quality cushions are available. Cushions are like a rubber band; if you play with it, it will stay good forever. Let it sit for a long period of time and they get hard and brittle. Playing on your table is important.

If you need extra room for a while let us know Precision Billiards and More can store your table for short periods of time for a monthly fee.

Precision Billiards and More uses the finest staining products available we can do whole table, rail or leg refinishing. Call us for an evaluation 810.499.7274.

It is a necessity to have your billiard table leveled. Out-of-sync tables cause a lot of missed shots. Precision Billiards and More will re-level your billiard table and make any needed adjustments or additions.

Precision Billiards and More also moves shuffleboards.